En été (Postcard Diary)

{ l'été }

Months had passed.
raindrops changed to sunny breeze.
Shades instead of raincoats,
beach is the first destination
when we feel fancy free.

Le Printemps (Postcard Diary)

{ le printemps }

The day that I met you,
It was raining.
You offered me your umbrella,
cause I was carrying The Little Prince
which turned out to be your favorite book.
And you just simply didn't want it to get wet.


favorite smoker 02

Judy. 23. engaged. drinks only chai. obsessive compulsive. never let her hair grow longer than shoulder.

aku suka makan buah ("I like eating fruits")

....and I will be a fruitarian one day.

favorite smoker 01

Mama Yukero. 48. widow. 3 cats. 2 parquets. owner of a tatami mat tea house.