songs to dream by

Has it been a year?
I can't count how many things have occurred... how many melodies have been hummed... how many cups of coffee have been blamed... how many giggles have created new happy lines in my face...
Summer 2012 has been nothing but wonderful, I'm finally able to fly to Jakarta, after 3 years of being away from home. I feel recharged, inspired and ready for my next adventures when i'm back to the States!!

(this illustration is the first series of my next project for Mr. and Mrs. Muffins, a music-art project that I've been working on with my husband. We're planning to release our second vinyl album, he's done with his part and I still have tons of homework to do)


for Deirdre Wilson

her future lullaby

The Sun and The Sitting Room

Another project for Poland. This is my third "duel" with Poland. Like the previous albums, they did not tell me the name of the album and their music was purely the one that inspired these illustrations. This time they sound like an experimental festival waking up the peaceful morning street with their blaring horns, harmonious strings, progressive guitar, and fables to sing.



En été (Postcard Diary)

{ l'été }

Months had passed.
raindrops changed to sunny breeze.
Shades instead of raincoats,
beach is the first destination
when we feel fancy free.

Le Printemps (Postcard Diary)

{ le printemps }

The day that I met you,
It was raining.
You offered me your umbrella,
cause I was carrying The Little Prince
which turned out to be your favorite book.
And you just simply didn't want it to get wet.


favorite smoker 02

Judy. 23. engaged. drinks only chai. obsessive compulsive. never let her hair grow longer than shoulder.