Doodle Buddy #3 - Ezilda

Ezilda, a professional bull-elephant gardener, who never miss a day without gardening. Not even when she got the rainbow flu, a virus that makes you feel happy but too lazy to show it. Somehow, she figured out a new formula that:
RX2V (rainbow virus) + H2O (water) + C12H22O11 (cane sugar) = A1B2C3 (a fertilizer for daisy).
So while other creatures lingered in their room and be lazy, Ezilda walked happily to her garden and watered her daisies.

petak umpet

Cyryl, the chameleon girl.
(Done for Poland's cover album - submitted for Illustration Friday)


Doodle Buddy #2 - Coco the lion

Meet my new doodle friend, Coco, a vegetarian lion, who works daily as a circus lion and goes to school at night to get a degree in dental surgery.


Doodle Buddy #1 - Mondo et Mamita

Mondo and Mamita, two best friends who secretly in love with one another,
like to spend most of their times enjoying the season change.
When we ask what is their favorite season is they would say that all four seasons are their favorite.